Gift "Umbro" Muzadzi is among the country's most celebrated footballers having had a very successful club career with Dynamos Football Club and also playing in the South African League.

Gift Muzadzi
Gift Muzadzi
Born Gift Muzadzi
October 2, 1972
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Footballer.



Muzadzi was born in Harare on October 2, 1972.[1]



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Muzadzi had a very colourful career as a goalkeeper turning out for clubs such as Zimbabwe Saints, Dynamos Football Club among others.[2] He also played for Lech Poznań in Poland. The former Dembare goalminder was also part of the Young Warriors Squad that played in the All Africa Games in 1995.[3]

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Coaching career

Muzadzi was at one point employed as the goalkeeper's coach by Triangle Football Club. He was however said to have been parted ways with the club after he had declined to receive an ultimatum in which he and the rest of the technical team had been tasked to collect maximum points from two matches they were due to play in.[4]

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