Comrade Fatso, real name Samm Farai Monro, is one of Zimbabwe’s most prominent spoken word artists and comedians. He is popularly known for co-creating the satire television news show Zambezi News along with Tongai Makawa (aka Outspoken). Comrade Fatso is also the co-founder and creative director at Magamba Network which is responsible for running the Shoko Festival. Comrade Fatso formed the band Chabvondoka and co founded Moto Republik.

Comrade Fatso
Comrade Fatso
Born Samm Farai Monro
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Musician.
  • Standup Comedian
  • Actor
  • Spoken Word Artist


Zambezi news

Zambezi News is a satire news show which broadcasts on internet platforms like YouTube and Facebook but is also virally distributed via apps like WhatsApp. In addition to Comrade Fatso and Outspoken, the show also features fellow actor and standup comedian Michael Kudakwashe as well as other artists.

The show, whose satire is focused on the government and prevailing economic and social state of the country, is characteristically bold. Zambezi News has been featured on shows such as the eNCA Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola. It has also been featured on BBC, CNN, the Guardian and other global platforms.

Moto Republik

Moto Republik is a co-creation space in Harare where creators can work collaboratively on craft, and ideas. The creative hub consists of a rooftop garden members’ canteen, co-working space for creatives, office space for start-up organisations working in media/arts/youth activism, a training and workshop space, and office space for Magamba Network, an online parody video producing team. The hub is located in a shipment container unit and renovated property in the Greater Avenues area in Harare.


Comrade Fatso's poetry has been published in Barbados, Germany and Holland. A powerful performer, he is also in high demand as a host due to his quick wit and ease on stage.[1]


With Chabvondoka, Comrade Fatso released the band’s debut album House of Hunger which was banned in Zimbabwe due to its ‘political content’. The band performed throughout Europe, USA, Caribbean and Africa and in 2010 performed at one of Europe’s biggest Festivals, the Exit Festival.

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