David "Yogi" Mandigora is a former Dynamos midfielder. Mandigora was part of the all-star Dynamos Football Club team that included the likes of Sunday Chidzambwa, Moses Chunga and Misheck Chidzambwa.[1] In recognition of the outstanding performances that he displayed, he was deservedly crowned the country's soccer star of the year in 1980. He is also famous for guiding Dembare to the semi finals of the African Champions League in 2008.

David Mandogora
David Mandigora
Born David Isaac Mandigora
May 2, 1957
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Football Coach.
Years active 2007 to present
Known for Guiding Dembare to the semi-finals of the African Champions League in 2008
Notable work Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League Soccer star of the year:1980


Family Background

He was born on May 2, 1957 in Kadoma but grew up in Highfield and went to Chipembere andSt Peters for his primary and secondary education respectively. David Mandigora was born in a family of ten children consisting of seven girls and three boys with him being the seventh born. He grew up in Highfield on a police camp where his father worked.[2]

Footballing career

Mandigora started his footballing career at a very young age. He played soccer from the under 10, 12 and 14 age groups before joining Dynamos Football Club at 16. Having joined Dynamos as an under sixteen player in 1973, Mandigora only got to play in the first team in 1977.At Dembare, Mandigora was popular for his skillful play and clinical passing which saw him being crowned the soccer star of the year in 1980.[3]

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Coaching career

Football Administration

After Mandigora's exit from Dynamos football club in 2009, he went on to coach various teams in the first division before bouncing back at the club as the deputy chairman.[7]

Leg Amputation

It has been reported that David Mandigora's right leg was amputated in 2017.The major cause was not revealed however speculations were pointing to cancer.Dynamos was qouted as pledging to stand by him since he was with the club for a long time.[8]


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