Dumiso Dabengwa
Dumiso Dabengwa, Liberation War Hero, War Veteran, War Vet, Simba Makoni
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Born December 6, 1939
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Politician
Years active 1958 to present
Political party ZAPU

Dumiso Dabengwa is a politician and the current presiden of ZAPU. He was also a member of Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) officially until 2008 when he left to revive ZAPU political party. In 2018, Dumiso formed the Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation.

During Zimbabwe's war for independence, he was the head of Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) intelligence.



He was born on the 6th of December 1939. He is married and has two children.


He holds four degrees, two of which are honorary

Political career

He started political activism in 1958 when he was still working for the Bulawayo City Council. He then participated in the Second Chimurenga heading the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Party (ZIPRA) intelligence.[2] Dabengwa received his military training in Moscow, Russia hence is known as the 'Black Russsian' by his fellow comrades. He was appointed Home Affairs Minister in 1992, a post which he held for eight years until 2000.

He was charged with treason in 1981 but the state failed to provide evidence for the offence but he was rearrested in 1982 and spent four years in detention for the offence until the death of his colleague Lookout Masuku in 1986[3]

In 2008 he quit Zanu-PF political party to revive the Zimbabwe African People's Party thus reversing the 1987 Unity Accord which had merged ZANU and ZAPU into one political party. Dabengwa reportedly said he left ZANU PF because he was convinced the party would lose the election with the kind of leadership it had.[4]

He did not contest in the 2008 presidential election but supported another former Zanu-PF official Simba Makoni. Similarly, in July 31, 2013, elections, he formed a coalition with Welshman Ncube turning down Morgan Tsvangirai's call to form a grand coalition to oust Robert Mugabe [5]

Formation of Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation

In 2018 Dabengwa, formed the Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation. According to the website, the Foundation seeks the emancipation and capacitation of people for an independent, well-governed and self-reliant continent with empowered citizens. [6] It was reported that Dabengwa indicated that he will retire from active politics in 2020 as he would have served two terms as required the constitution of his party hence why he formed the foundation, so that people will appreciate the country’s history, promoting values of democracy and constitutionalism, among others. [7]

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