Energy Mutodi is a controversial Harare businessman, Sungura musician, politician and an academic. He rose to prominence in 2012 when he released his debut album Simbi Yamudhara. He was accused of swindling money from civil servants through his housing co-operative, National Housing Development Trust Zimbabwe. He also took on board members of the Utakataka Express into his own band which was formerly led by the late Tongai Moyo which is now led by his son, Peter Moyo only a few weeks after he had vowed to support Peter after the death of Tongai Moyo.

Musician, Businessman, Politician
Energy Mutodi
Energy Mutodi, Musician, Businessman, Politician
Born Energy Mutodi
August 4, 1978
Nationality Zimbabwe
Education University of Zimbabwe, Witwatersrand University
Alma mater University of Zimbabwe
  • Musician
  • Businessman
  • Politician.
Known for Singing
Political party Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front
Criminal charge Fraud
Criminal status Aqcuitted
Spouse(s) formerly married to Tariro Chirende
Children Energy Mutodi Junior



Mutodi was born on 4 August 1978.[1] He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) in 2001.[2] He went to South Africa and was enrolled at Witwatersrand where he graduated with a Certificate in Defense Management.[2] In 2011 he was at UZ doing a Masters Degree in Business Administration.[2] He was once married Tariro Chirende and the two had a son, Energy Mutodi Junior.

Musical career

Mutodi is a part time Sungura musician who decided to venture into music in 2012. He has so far released four albums. Some of the songs that made him popular are Angelina, Chigorodanda and Tozosangana.

Political career

Mutodi is a member of the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF). In the 2013 July 31 harmonized elections, he contested during the ZANU PF primaries to be selected to be the ZANU PF member to contest for the Goromonzi South Constituency.[3] However he was defeated by Beatrice Nyamupinga who was selected to be the Member of Parliament during the coveted July 31 elections.[4]

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When it was reported that the ousted Vice President of Zimbabwe, Joice Mujuru and her allies were planning to assassinate the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, Mutodi produced his own version of the story pinning Mujuru and his allies. He claimed that he conducted his own investigations and discovered that Mujuru who was accused of fanning factionalism within ZANU PF was guilty of hatching a plot to assassinate Mugabe. He stated that, his allies, namely, Nicholas Goche, Tendai Savanhu and Ray Kaukonde met in South Africa where they resolved on how to kill Mugabe with the aid of a group of mercenaries known as Sandline International (formerly known as Executive Outcones).[5] According to Mutodi, these people devised 3 strategic ways to kill Mugabe.[5] In the wake of these revelations by Mutodi, it was widely reported that Mutodi was trying desperately to be supported by Mugabe, implying that his fraud charges were to be dropped.

Fraud Allegations

In 2014, accused of swindling more than US$2 million from desperate home seekers in Mutare. At the same time he was facing similar charges involving more than US$6 million in Harare. Through his National Housing Development Trust (NHDT), Mutodi allegedly demanded monthly subscriptions from civil servants promising them stands to purchase of land in Mutare’s Gimboki South housing project. He allegedly converted the money to his personal account which he had opened at Kingdom Bank. 22 000 witnesses testified nailing Mutodi.[6] The case was however postponed and he was granted a bail.[7] On 29 January 2015, Mutodi was acquitted.[8]

The Divorce

In 2013 Mutodi's marriage crumbled and it was reported that infidelity was the main reason why the couple decided to call it quits. Tariro stated that, Mutodi infected her with an STI. Mutodi however said his wife was the one who infected him with an STI.[9] After the divorce the court ordered Mutodi to pay US$450 on a monthly basis for the upkeep of his son of which he initially wanted to pay US$50.[10]

Dzamara Abduction Slur And Apology

On March 2015, Mutodi posted on his Facebook page that Itai Dzamara had faked his abduction and was hiding in Botswana. Mutodi argues that Dzamara is
" attention seeking poor and lowly-schooled man who staged a solo demonstration commonly called 'Occupy Africa Unity Square' has been in the news in recent weeks after reports indicated that he had been abducted by alleged state security agents. But investigations have revealed the man is holed in a hotel in Botswana and is being used as an epicenter for anarchy and controversy by regime change agents. In fact, a boastful member of the opposition MDC-T has said that Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDCT leader as well as Obert Gutu the party's spokesperson among other seniour opposition figures are behind the fake abduction just to make headlines and create relevance for their now unpopular opposition party. Both police and ZANU PF government officials have recently condemed the disappearance of Dzamara, with Acting President Mnangagwa describing it as barbaric and therefore unacceptable."

Mutodi allegedly apologised in June 2016, for his utterances following the release of an image by Dzamara's younger brother Patson showing what he claimed was Itai in captivity. Mutodi blamed a young Zanu (PF) activist named Fidelis Fengu, of misleading him to post on Facebook that Dzamara had fled for Botswana.[12]

Below is a snippet of Mutodi's Facebook post concerning Dzamara's abduction.

Snippet of Mutodi's post

Mutodi's arrest for undermining the authority of Robert Mugabe

Harare businessman-cum-musician Energy Mutodi was arrested following an article he posted on Facebook regarding President Mugabe’s succession.Police sources said Mutodi was arrested by detectives from the CID Law and Order section and taken to Harare Central Police Station for further investigations.On August 6, Mutodi posted an article with a headline, “WHY CHOOSING A SUCCESSOR IS A DIFFICULT JOB.


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Mutodi has authored Geography textbooks and is also a military strategist.[2]

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