Gerald Mlotshwa is a Zimbabwean Lawyer, entrepreneur and founder of Titan Law. He has interests in the financial services industry and the media sector. Mlotshwa is the son-in-law of President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Gerald Mlotshwa
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Education Christian Brothers' College
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    He was educated at Bulawayo’s Christian Brothers’ College, he spent four years in the United Kingdom after which he graduated from the University of London with a Law Degree. Mlotshwa is married to Farai Mnangagwa, the daughter of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


    He has expertise in corporate law and general deal structuring. He is noted as a leading authority on agricultural law in Zimbabwe and coordinated the Sadc Tribunal cases. He led a legal team to Luxembourg to appear in the General Court of the European Union, in relation to the country’s litigation against the EU-imposed economic and targeted sanctions. [1]

    Kwese Contract

    It was reported that Econet Media terminated a contract with Dr Dish after Mlotshwa who is a major shareholder in their competitor, Telecel had acquired 50% shares with Dr Dish. Econet reportedly terminated the contract to avoid conflict of interest. Kwese TV Terminated Contract With Dr Dish Because Of Mnangagwa’s Son In Law

    Share Dispute

    Mlotshwa was reported to be in a share dispute with James Makamba over Telecel, a mobile network operator. Reports had it that Makamba was accusing Mlotshwa of acting on his behalf whilst he was in a self imposed exile. Makamba returned to Zimbabwe in 2017 after Operation Restore Legacy. Mlotshwa was reported to have acquired most of the shares in the Empowerment Corporation which owns 40% of Telecel.

    The remaining 60% owned by the government was being sold in March 2018, Makamba and Mlotshwa were fighting to secure the shares. The minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira confirmed the battle and indicated that they will not get involved in the fight. Mnangagwa’s Son-In-Law, James Makamba Fight For Control Of Telecel


    Mlotshwa runs Titan Law

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