Ground Floor, MIPF House 5 Central Avenue Harare

GetBucks Zimbabwe
Trading name
GetBucks Zimbabwe
Industry Telecoms
Founded January 1, 2011 in South Africa
Headquarters Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe
Key people
George Manyere (Group Non–Executive Director), Dave van Niekerk (Group Co-CEO), Johan Jonck (Group Co-CEO)
Parent GetBucks South Africa

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Office Hours
Mon - Fri 0800 hrs - 1700hrs
Sat 0800 hrs - 1200 hrs
Sun & Public Holidays CLOSED
Harare: Landline: (04) 250361/ 250375 / 704635 Cell Number: 0779 560 535
Bulawayo: Landline: (09) 79004 Cell Number: 0738 122 898
Mutare:Landline: (020) 67563 Cell Number: 0776 628 796
Masvingo:Landline: (039) 262607 Cell Number: 0738 933 198
Gweru:Landline: (054) 222549

Cell Number: 0738 933 199

GetBucks Financial Services Zimbabwe Limited provides salary-backed short-term consumer loans and operates from fifteen (15) branches located throughout Zimbabwe. The company is 55% owned by GetBucks Limited, a South African-based credit provider to consumers in Malawi, Botswana, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Poland, and Zimbabwe. The other 45% is owned by Brainworks Capital, a Mauritius-registered, investment holding, consulting and advisory company, focused on Zimbabwe and select markets in Sub-Saharan-Africa.

The Company has built a diversified portfolio of assets in the Financial Services, Hospitality, Real Estate and Energy Logistics sectors in Zimbabwe.


Key Customer

The company's key customers are Zimbabwe's civil servants mostly teachers, solders and the police.

Growth and Deposit Taking

As of September 2013, GetBucks Zimbabwe had grown its loan book to over USD 8 million with over 14,000 customers since it began operating in 2012. On 16 July 2015, the company was granted approval by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to convert its licence to a deposit taking microbank. GetBucks was given up to 6 months to commence deposit taking activities.[1]

GetBucks Vision

The company's stated vision is:


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