Ghetto Creepers is a local dance group which is well known for its dancing skills. The group rose to stardom when they performed on a local talent search show Starbrite Zimbabwe.

Ghetto Creepers
Ghetto Creepers
Ghetto Creepers Dance Group
Background information
Genres Dancegroup
Occupation(s) Dancegroup
Years active 2012 to present



The group was formed on the 14th of March 2012 in Mbare. The group is made up of four members, Freddrick Bakali, Iky Makungwa, Tanaka Shamhuyarira and Terence Shandu. The group is led by Freddrick who is also known as Mulah.


The group is prominent for its dancing skills and has seen them performing at various events and gatherings like weddings and parties.[1] The group has collaborated with local superstars such as Stunner, Thembelani and Mr Picasso.

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Performing at a wedding

Practice session

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