Mokoomba is a Zimbabwean internationally acclaimed and award winning Afro-fusion group. The group which hails from Victoria Falls rose to prominence in 2008 after winning the Music Crossroads Inter-Regional Festival (IRF). The group sings in a number of languages including in the Tonga, Nyanja and Lubale language. Mokoomba combines traditional and modern instruments with a rich blend of rhythms, creating a vibrant sound consisting of not only traditional Tonga music but embracing the diverse cultures of southern Africa.[1] The group topped the iTunes charts in 2012 with their second album Rising Tide.[2] Despite being popular outside Zimbabwe, Mokoomba is not well known in Zimbabwe.

The Mokoomba Band
Mokoomba (Photo Credit: ⓒ WDR/Strange Milena)
Background information
Origin Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Genres Afro-Fusion


Early career

The group was formed while the members were still in high school. That was 2002 when they were attending school together at Mosi-Oa-Tunya High School in Victoria Falls. There was an elderly musician in their neighbourhood, a guitarist called Alfred Mujimba (now late), a relative of Mathias Muzaza, who had music instruments that he had used with music group whose members had since dispersed. Mujimba discovered Mathias and from there was introduced to Mathias's friends and the friends would go to Munjimba's place after school to play. They then started playing with Mujimba and he'd give them a chance to do their own music performances sometimes.[3]

The group was initially called Koomboka (some, Kombooka) and at that time it was led by Alfred (son of Chief Siachilaba). Alfred was a manager/bandleader who also performed. In 2007 however, the band decided to take part in the Music Crossroads Local Festival in Bulawayo and because of age, Alfred couldn't be part of the band. They then changed the band name to Mokoomba for the competition. The group which went on to give a stellar performance at the National Festival held in Harare went on to represent Zimbabwe at the Music Crossroads Inter-Regional Festival (IRF) in Lilongwe (Malawi). The group faced stiff competition from other groups from Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia.

Music Crossroads Southern Africa Inter-Regional Festival (Lilongwe, Malawi 7–10 August 2008) but the band of 6 won the competition festival and as the winner of the IRF Grand Final they received a Music Crossroads European Tour of over 10 different countries, professional training and an album recording, to set them firmly on the road to fame. The group then decided to continue without him to be able to make the European tour. Thus the group became known as Mokoomba.[4]

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The group had toured extensively in many countries. The group had perfomed at many international concerts including at:

  1. 2014
  1. Summer tour 2013
  1. Falls Tour 2012
  1. Summer Tour 2012
  1. Summer Tour 2010

8Melkweg – Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

  1. Falls Tour 2009


The group has won both local snd international wards:


The oufit has two albums:

  1. Kweseka (2009)[8]
  2. Rising Tide (2012)


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