Godfrey Majonga
Born Zimbabwe
Residence Harare, Zimbabwe.
  • Director
  • former News Caster

Godfrey Majonga is a legendary news caster whose career ended after he sustained severe injuries after allegedly being forced by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to Jump from a high rise flat in Harare in 1987. [1].After the alleged incident Majonga became paralyzed and wheel chair bound for life.Majonga is also the director of Danhiko project.

Alleged attempt on his life

A 72-minute video presented in the ZANU-PF politburo by former Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo on July 19 2017 implicated Mnangagwa in the attempt on Majonga's life.

The video also contained a dramatic charge: that Mnangagwa almost killed and succeeded in ending the career of ZBC television star Godfrey Majonga during a clash over a woman in 1987.Mnangagwa in a fit rage allegedly forced love rival Majonga to choose between sitting on a hot stove or jumping off the third floor of a building in Harare. Majonga chose to jump through the window of the flat where the confrontation happened, and landed on hard concrete.He broke his spine and suffered debilitating injuries which would confine him to a wheelchair for life.[2]

VP Mnangagwa Politburo Presentation


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