Godknows "Zizou" Murwira is a Zimbabwean footballer who plays for Dynamos Football Club as a defensive midfielder. Godknows Murwira is a former player of Shabanie Football Club.

Godknows Murwira
Godknows Murwira, Dynamos Football Club, Shabanie Football Club, Zimbabwe soccer, Zimbabwean footballer
Born Godknows Murwira
July 4, 1993
Buhera, Manicaland Province
  • Footballer
Employer Dynamos Football Club
Known for Playing for the Zimbabwe National Soccer Team
Relatives Faith Murwira, Mary Murwira



Godknows was born on July 4, 1993 in Buhera in the Manicaland Province.[1]


He did his primary education at Wadzanai Primary School before moving to Kambuzuma High 2 Secondary School in Harare.[2]


Murwira got into the football limelight when he started playing for Shabanie Mine Football Club. He also had a brief stint with Monomotapa Football Club during the 2013 season befoe the club was relegated.[3] Zizou was an integral part of the Shabanie fold and was also known for scoring spectacular goals. Some of his most memorable goals include a brace against Black Rhinos Football Club at Maglas Stadium where he scored two curled shots.[3]


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