or South African ports) (April). ZANU in intermittent clashes with Rhodesian forces (April). White farmer and wife killed near Hartley (May). ZAPU activity discovered in urban areas (May). Wilson has talks with Smith on HMS Tiger. Fails (December). Security Council resolution 232 (1966) extends sanctions on imports and exports to and from Rhodesia (December).

ANC delegation, including the re-released Rev. Sithole, attends the Organization of African Unity (OAU) Council of Ministers, discussion on southern Africa in Dar es Salaam. Bishop Muzorewa attends Commonwealth Prime Minister’s conference (Jamaica), obtaining assurances of assistance for Mozambique to enable it to close its railways to Rhodesian sanctions-breaking activities. June 1, Rhodesian police, breaking up a demonstration outside an ANC National Executive meeting in Salisbury (Highfield), shot and killed thirteen and wounded others.