Mzilikazi Khumalo was the founder of the Matabele kingdom in Zimbabwe. He was the son of Matshobana, who is known for being a great military leader. Mzilikazi grew in his Zwide's household. Zwide was his grandfather. Zwide murdered Chief Mashobane and Mzilikazi was installed as chief of the Khumalo in his place. Following the death of Dingiswayo, Mzilikzi sided with the upcoming Chaka (who was now ruling the Zulu) over his grandfather, Zwide.

Mzilikazi Khumalo
Native name Mzilikazi Khumalo
Born 1790
Mkuze, Zululand
Died 9 September 1868
Resting place Matabeleland, Entumbane, Matopo Hills, Zimbabwe
Successor Lobengula
Children Lobengula

In 1822, Mzilikazi had a falling out with Chaka after he refused to hand over loot from a raid[1]. Chaka sent a regiment to punish Mziikazi but he defeated them. To avoid imminent execution, Mzilikazi took about 300 men, women, and children and started on a journey that eventually led him to present day Zimbabwe.

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