James Maridadi is a Zimbabwean politician who served under the MDC-T party. He was elected into parliament in July 2013 to represent Mabvuku Tafara Constituency. He is a former radio disc jockey and was regarded as one of the best in his day. He is also noted as the MP who brought the motion to parliament to have President Robert Mugabe impeached.

James Maridadi
James Maridadi
BornJames Maridadi
January 11, 1967
Known forBeing a Member of Parliament
Political partyMDC-T
Spouse(s)Sarah Lifa
ChildrenTariro Sandra Maridadi, Shamiso Brenda Maridadi, Munyaradzi Maridadi and James Jnr Maridadi
Parent(s)Mapira Maridadi and Esnath Maridadi



James Maridadi was born on 1 November 1967 in a family of six. He is married to Sarah Lifa and they have four children; Tariro Sandra Maridadi, Shamiso Brenda Maridadi, Munyaradzi Maridadi and James Jnr Maridadi.[1] He was born to Mapira Maridadi and Esnath Maradadi.[2]


James Maridadi attended Mabvuku Secondary School for his O level Education then attended Churchill Boys High for his A level studies.[1] He has a PhD in Public Management candidate with Leeds Metropolitan University.[1]

Academic Qualifications

General career

James Maridadi is famously known for his stint on as a radio presenter/producer from 1992 to 2000 on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation's then Radio 3, now Power FM where he was known as 'J-Touch'.[1][2][3] He also presented Coke on the Beat with Patricia Mabviko. From 2000 to 2004 he was Senior Manager for Corporate Communication & Investor Relations at Trust Bank.[1]

He later worked for the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority Holdings from 2004 to 2009 as General Manager.[1]

Political career

He joined the Movement for Democratic Change MDC-T at its formation in 1999.[1] After opting for voluntary retrenchment at Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority Holdings,[3] he joined the then Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's Office from 2009 to 2011, where he served as Chief Spokesperson and Deputy Director of Information.[1][3]

He was elected, in July 2013 for Mabvuku Tafara, in Harare. He was not re-elected in 2018, after Nelson Chamisa endorsed a different MDC candidate for his constituency.

He was noted for his boisterous style in parliament. Noting ‘Zim 13 million People, 75 Ministers : S.Africa 52 Million People 28 Ministers’ MP James Maridadi. [4] New Zimbabwe Vision, 19 July 2015; Retrieved, 13 July 2019.

And being outspoken on elite privileges. [5] PA Zimbabwe Website, 3 December 2015; Retrieved, 13 July 2019.

He famously brought the motion in parliament to have President Robert Mugabe impeached, on 18 November 2017. The impeachment did not happen as the president resigned that day. [6] ZW News, 9 April 2019; Retrieved, 13 July 2019.

Most recently, he has been selected as an ambassador designate by Emmerson Mnangagwa. [7] Zimbabwe Times Website, 3 April 2019; Retrieved, 13 July 2019.

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