King Shaddy is a popular Zimdancehall Artist who broke into the limelight following the release of his smashing hit "Wadiwa mai Huni".

King Shaddy
King Shaddy, Zimdancehall
King Shaddy
Background information
Birth name Shadreck Kwarire
Also known as Makorokoza
Genres Zimdancehall
Occupation(s) Zimdancehall, Songwriter



King Shaddy was born Shadreck Kakwire.

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The artist became an instant with his song "Wadiwa mai Huni" which became a fan's favourite receiving widespread airplay on most local radio stations. He has performed alongside other Zimbabwean artists such as Nox Guni, Winky D. He has also performed in the United Kingdom with fellow Zimbabwean artists.




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Feat Mathias Mhere

Feat Mathias Mhere

King Shaddy - Tsumo Dze ChiRasta

True Love

King Shaddy ft Macorokoza Choir Machira Chete Official
Reply yamai Huni

Letter to mai Huni

Letter to mai Huni


The dancehall chanter is said to have refused to perform at a gig in Mutare where he had been billed to perform. It is said that he refused to perform arguing that he wanted to be paid his money before he could go on stage.[1]

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