Leo Mugabe is Zimbabwean born businessman, sports administrator and politician belonging to the ruling party in Zimbabwe; the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front ZANU PF party. He is also a central committee member in the ZANU PF stronghold of Mashonaland West province.

Leo Mugabe
Leo Mugabe
Leo Mugabe
Born November 29, 1959
Residence Zimbabwe
Occupation Politicians, Businessman
Years active 2000 to present
Known for Politics, Zanu PF
Notable work As ZIFA Chairman
Political party Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front
Movement Nationalist
Relatives Robert Mugabe, Grace Mugabe, Patrick Zhuwao, Bona Mugabe, Sabina Mugabe, Robert Mugabe Junior



Leo Mugabe was born on the 29th of November 1959.[1] He is son to the late national heroine and ZANU-PF party central committee member Sabina Mugabe. His mother Sabina Mugabe was sister to president Robert Mugabe thus making him nephew to the President. Leo Mugabe has a brother, Patrick Zhuwao, who has a different surname due to the latter assuming his father's surname. Leo divorced his wife Veronica in 2010 after he was accused of abandoning his financial and parental responsibilities to his family and thus she demanded custody of the children.[2]

Political career

Leo Mugabe was the member of Parliament for Makonde constituency in Mashonaland west province during the period from 2002 to 2007. Whilst in cabinet, he was the chairman of the committee on transport and communications. He was also provincial spokesman for Zanu-PF's Mashonaland West, the president's home province.[2] In 2007, Mugabe campaigned for the senatorial seat in the Mashonaland west province. He won ZANU-PF primary elections for the Makonde senatorial constituency but was told at the last minute that the seat had been reserved for a woman.[3]

Mugabe's Sports Administration Career

Leo Mugabe was chairman of the Zimbabwe's soccer governing body, the Zimbabwe Football Association. He led the country's football body as the president until he was ousted from office due to alleged mismanagement and incompetence. He reigned as the ZIFA chairman from the 1990s to January 2003 when the other executive members passed a vote of no confidence on him.[4] Some media sources claim that he was booted out for misusing a soccer development grant from world soccer body FIFA.[2] Earlier in 2014 when the elections to elect a new ZIFA executive was held, Mugabe made attempts to come-back into the football administration arena but his bid flopped when he failed to get nominations.

Business Interests

Leo Mugabe is said to have interests in the telecoms company Telecel Zimbabwe. In 2014, he was said to have launched a claim of 10% stake in the company which was however disputed by the other parties in the company.[5] He also has interests in different local companies by virtue of his shareholding and these include; mobile telecommunications provider Telecel Zimbabwe; engineering giants Stewarts & Lloyds and Integrated Engineering Group; steel dealer Baldwins Steel; and investment firm Themiso Holdings.[2] Besides shareholding in different companies, he also owns commercial farming ventures in the Makonde area. He was in fact accused of owning more than one farm and this was said to be against his uncle Robert Mugabe’s one man one farm policy which he implemented during the land reform program from 2000.[2]

Scandals / Controversies

In 2014, Mugabe was caught up in a dispute with his wife. He was accused of abandoning his financial and parental responsibilities and is seeking custody of the children. The wife complained that their marriage has irretrievably broken down because Leo had denied her love, respect, affection, companionship and friendship that is expected between wife and husband.[6]

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Earlier in 2014, Leo Mugabe took a swipe at controversial church leaders Emmanuel Makandiwa of United Family International Church and Uebert Angel of Spirit Embassy who are famed for fabulous miracles insinuating they failed his aunt Bridgette Mugabe, despite their widely acclaimed “powers”.[7]

In 2005 at the height of shortage of basic commodities in Zimbabwe, Leo Mugabe was arrested on suspicion of illegally exporting flour to Mozambique. The foreign media houses reported that he allegedly exported 30 tonnes of flour to Mozambique violating strict controls on trade in basic foodstuffs.[8] In June 2013, Leo Mugabe was also accused of having unilaterally taken over buildings in Harare where offices of a Chinese firm, Hwange Coal Gasification Company, were located.[9]

Coup Joke

Leo Mugabe jokingly told his uncle, Robert Mugabe that he too was removed from office through a coup, however the former president did not seem amused by the joke.



Leo Mugabe is nephew to president Robert Mugabe, brother to Patrick Zhuwao and son to the late heroine Sabina Mugabe.

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