He is a professional footballer known mostly for playing for Dynamos FC as a midfielder. He is the longest-serving Dynamos FC player in history; the former Churchill Boys HighSchool student began his Dynamos career at the age of 14 and rose to become the current Dynamos captain in 2008.

Murape Murape
Born Murape Charles Murape
1 June 1980
Nationality Zimbabwe
Education Churchill Boys High School
  • Footballer.
Spouse(s) Amanda
Children Elroy, Primrose, Faith



Murape Charles Murape was born on 1 June 1980 in Harare. He attended Churchill Boys High School where he was inducted into the Dynamos Juniors/Reserves team in 1994.[1] The then Dynamos loyalist Murape, aka ‘Monya’, the highest level was when Dynamos reached the Champions League final in 1998 at which they succumbed to a defeat at the hands of ASEC Mimosa in a controversial encounter. He is well known for his repetitive name & surname more than his middle name Charles.


Murape is married to Amanda who he has 5 children named Elroy (9), Primrose (10) and Faith (6) Etana & Ethan who are twins a girl & boy respectively (4), Murape Murape Junior .[2] Murape Murape also constitutional wedded Yvonne Kanongovere & later deserted her to his former wife Amanda who he has 4 kids with. Murape Murape & Yvonne have child kid.[3]

Professional career

Murape Murape started his dynamos playing career with the reserves team in 1994 [1] while in high school at Churchill Boys High. Having made his first appearance for Dynamos in 1997 when he also went on to win the league title. In 1998 he was part of the rare breed at dynamos that reached the champions league final, when he also played alongside his current coach Callisto Pasuwa. In 1998 Murape suffered a career-threatening knee injury that heavily affected the way he walks & runs.[1] Murape was voted the Soccer Star of the year in 2007 for the first time the year he was instrumental in the run to win the league title. After seeing himself serve Dynamos for close to 10 years he found himself moving to play in Swaziland in 2009 to play for Mbabane Highlanders were he only played 2 matches, a decision he feels was his worst ever decision.[4] He made a return to Dynamos in 2009 as a free agent

National Team Career

Murape Murape throughout his 20-year playing career he has never represented Zimbabwe as player.[1] He has been overlooked by all the national team coaches.

Trophies won



Coaching career

Murape was also said to have been put in charge of coaching Dembare juniors a development which was confirmed by the club officials. Team manager Richard Chihoro was quoted as having confirmed the appointment of Murape to the juniors. He was quoted as having said
There won’t be any changes to the technical team for now. Murape will be deployed to coach the junior teams alongside Herbet Maruva. We are still talking to him about it. That is our position as a technical team[10]


Murape Murape has been involved in some controversial encounters; the most popular was his training ground fight with his team-mate Rodrick Mutuma on 19 August 2014 over disagreements on accepting a $40 bonus award,[11] which had been offered by Dynamos to pay the players instead of a significant figure owed to the players. Him & his team-mate were suspended & where later pardoned by the club. Monya was also reported to have had a confrontation with the club chairman Kenny Mubaiwa over players petition to remove the club chairman.[12] Monya was also involved in a social media spat with the supporters of Dynamos after there was suggestion that he should retire because he had reached his “expiry date”,[13] he retaliated by telling the supporters to go and report the issue to the police, an action he later denied.

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