Natasha Rushesha is the daughter of a ZANU PF politician and cabinet minister Oppah Muchinguri.

Natasha Rushesha
Natasha Rushesha
Natasha Rushesha.jpg
Natasha Rushesha
Residence Zimbabwe
Nationality Zimbabwean
Citizenship Zimbabwean
Occupation Junior Mistress
Employer Bishopslea Primary School
Known for Being Oppah Muchinguri's daughter
Home town Harare
Parent(s) Oppah Muchinguri, Tapiwa Rushesha
Relatives Tanya Rushesha, Anthony Kashiri

In 2005, Rushesha was added on the sanctions list imposed by the United States of America government and the European Union together with her sibling Tanya Rushesha, her mother Oppah Muchinguri and her father Tapiwa Rushesha. She was part of the list due to her relation to Oppah who was accused of taking part in the land reform programme which was allegedly to have violated human rights.

Career Background

Rushesha started working at Bishopslea Junior School in Harare in 2014.[1] She worked as Junior Mistress.[1]

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