Nikki (full name Nicola Dora) is a journalist, radio presenter and professional MC. She is currently employed by Star FM where she hosts The Breakfast Club show which she co-hosts with ET (Emphraim Tagu).

Nikki in the Stars.jpg
Born Nicola
Residence Harare
Known for Radio DJ at Star FM



Star FM

Nikki got into radio after she saw an advert in a Sunday newspaper and decided to audition for the job at Star FM.

“I saw an article in a newspaper at church advertising for the auditions. I went for the auditions which had more than 1 500 people. At that time my daughter who is five now, was two years old. I went with her. I remember asking KVG (Kudzai Violet Guwara) who by then was a total stranger to me, to hold my baby while it was my turn to go for my auditions. Surprisingly I got in. I got the job that day,” [1]


Nicola Dora also known as Nikki
Nikki in the Studio
Nicola Dora Portrait
Nikki at the Studio
Nikki in a Kensys advert



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