Nqobizitha Masuku is a Zimbabwean professional footballer who plays for Highlanders Football Club in the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League. He has represented Zimbabwe when he captained the Young Warriors.

Nqobizitha Masuku
Nqobizitha Masuku, Zimbabwe soccer, Zimbabwean footballer
Nqobizitha Masuku Image Via Highlanders Football Club
Born Nqobizitha Masuku
June 7, 1993
Residence Zimbabwe
Nationality Zimbabwean
  • Footballer
Employer Highlanders Football Club
Known for Playing football in Zimbabwe
Notable work Was Captain of the National Under 23 Team
Home town Bulawayo



Nqobizitha Masuku is a Zimbabwean footballer who was born on 7 June 1993.[1]


Masuku attended Milton High School for his secondary education.[1]


Masuku played for the national under 20 team.[1] He played for Bantu Rovers Football Club before he went on to join Bulawayo based Highlanders Football Club.[2]

National Team Career

Masuku played for the under 20 and under 23 national teams respectively. In 2015, he was part of the under 23 team that played in the All Africa Games Qualifiers. He was part of the team that beat Cameron 1-0 in Younde.[2] He was the captain of the national under 23 team.[2]

Teams Played For

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