Nyanga National Park is a mountainous area in the eastern highlands, Manicaland Province. Nyanga National Park is home to several species of antelope, including the waterbuck, wildebeest, zebra, klipspringer, kudu and eland. Nyanga National Park has 3 waterfalls which are Pungwe Falls, Nyangombe Falls and the Nyamziwa Falls. Nyangwe Fort and Chawomera Fort are also found at the park. There are privately owned camping sites which include

Nyanga National Park
Nyanga Mountain.jpg
Location Manicaland
Nearest town Nyanga
Coordinates 18⁰17′12.88″E 32⁰43′30.25″E
Established 1926
Website www.facebook.com/Nyanga-National-Park-211343552271974/


Visitors Guide

From Harare take the A3 towards Mutare travelling through Ruwa, Melfort and Bromley. At 74 KM reach Marondera, 106 KM reach Macheke, 134 KM reach Headlands, 168 KM reach Rusape and turn left onto the A14 towards Juliasdale. 239 KM reach Juliasdale, 259 KM reach Nyanga village.

From Mutare take the A3 towards Harare crossing Christmas Pass. Distances are from the roundabout where the A3 and the Aerodrome Road intersect. At 10 KM turn right onto the A15 towards Juliasdale, 40 KM pass through Watsomba, 84 KM turn right at the intersection with the A14, 85 KM reach Juliasdale, 105 KM reach Inyanga Village. [1]


It was reported that the archaeological remnants found at the Nyanga National Park indicate that people started to live there in the Stone Age and Iron Age eras. They reportedly stayed beneath the mountains and would climb up the heights when in need of safety.

The study of archaeologists discovered ruins consisting of beads, pottery, bone and metal work. These findings were published in a book In Inyanga, Prehistoric Settlements in Southern Rhodesia in 1958 by Roger Summers. Read More


Some of the activities visitors can participate in include:

(All activities are professionally guided)


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