Raj Modi is a Member of Parliament for Bulawayo South constituency , Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, award-winning businessman, philanthropist and a member of Zanu-PF.

Raj Modi
Raj Modi.jpg
Occupation Politician , Bussinessman , Deputy Minister
Employer Government of Zimbabwe
Political party Zanu -PF



Raj was born on 4 February 1959 in India.[1]

Modi married Parul Kothari, in March 1981 in India. At the age of 22, Modi relocated to Zimbabwe from India.[2].

Modi said that:

Parul and I got married in India. We were supposed to come so that I had an appreciation of my wife’s country, but I ended up staying because something emotional happened, my father-in-law passed away

Modi worked for the India Electricity Board as a cashier for two years. On the second year of his my employment in 1981, that’s when he got married in March of that year. He came to Zimbabwe the same year in September.

When he came to Zimbabwe Modi claimed that he had $50, two pairs of clothes and a return ticket because he had no intention to stay. The ticket was funded by an Indian spiritual group in Bulawayo; the arrangement was that he was going to refund them so they got him a job. The tickets were $300 and at that time it was a lot of money so he paid every month $20 to service the loan. He alleges that is how he came to Zimbabwe because he didn’t have money to come to Zimbabwe as he couldn’t afford it.

Modi worked for eight months at a clothing shop as a general worker, he swept and mopped the floors, cleaned the toilets and windows.

Major Achievements

Raj Modi won a number of business awards in his own right and for his companies.

lobbying govt to allow him to work from Bulawayo instead of Harare

Raj Modi requested the government to allow him to work from Bulawayo instead of Harare.

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