Tshinga Judge Dube is a Zimbabwean politician, retired colonel in the Zimbabwe National Army, member of parliament for Makokoba. He is a member of ZANU-PF and was appointed Minister of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators and Former Political Detainees in March 2016 after Chris Mutsvangwa was dismissed from the post. Before then, Dube had been Deputy Minister in the same ministry since September 2015. Dube was removed from the same ministry in October 2017.He is the current Parliamentary Portfolio Chairman on Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services.

Retired Colonel
Tshinga Dube
Tshinga Judge Dube
Image Via: Sunday News
Born Tshinga Judge Dube
June 3, 1941
Nationality Zimbabwe
Employer Government of Zimbabwe
Political party Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front



Tshinga Dube was born Tshinga Judge Dube on 3 July 1941.[1]


Dube holds a Master of Science degree in Electro-Tech from MADI Institute of Technology in Moscow.[1]


He was a leader of Zapu's military wing ZIPRA during Zimbabwe's war for independence. After independence he joined the Zimbabwe National Army as director of signals before retiring. He also worked in the Ministry of Defence as a deputy secretary and director of research and development before being appointed Managing Director of Zimbabwe Defence Industries. He was a Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) board member for eight years and deputy board chairman of TelOne for seven years. In 2012 he was named the chairperson of Marange Resources. He was once an advisory board member to the secretary-general of the United Nations on Disarmament.[1] He was elected the member of parliament for Makokoba in June 2015 after losing in the 2013 harmonised elections.[2] In September 2015 he was sworn in as Minister of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators and Former Political Detainees.[3] Dube is also the fundraising chairman for Zanu-Pf in Bulawayo Province.[4]

Philanthropic Work

In 2008 at the height of Zimbabwe’s economic crisis, he fed the elderly in Mkokoba constituency, nursed them and gave them amenities. Dube has also been Highlanders Football Club benefactor for many years and he bought the club Manwele bar for $18 000 and paid expatriate coach Eddie May for years. He also provided an additional $25, 000 to the $ 20, 000 that the club had set aside to buy a bus.[2] Some sections of the public accused him using Highlanders to campaign for the Makokoba seat.[5]

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Treason Allegations

In November 2014 there were reports that Dube, Sikhanyiso Ndlovu and Angeline Masuku were plotting against Robert Mugabe.[7]

Health Issues

In May 2017, Dube was admitted at a private medical institution due to health complications. Social media was awash with stories indicating that Dube had collapsed at his offices. However, secretary for the ministry Brigadier General Walter Asher Tapfumaneyi refuted the reports, saying the minister had not collapsed, but was admitted after visiting the hospital for a routine check-up on Wednesday. A local newspaper reported that Dube was reportedly suffering from a kidney ailment and had visited the private hospital for dialysis purposes.[8]

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