Dairibord Zimbabwe Rugby Festival, formerly Cottco Rugby Festival is one of the biggest schools rugby festivals in Zimbabwe. Over the years, the festival has grown to become one of the biggest rugby tournaments in the world, attracting participants from the Southern African region and beyond. The festival has identified and natured talent and has produced stars such as Tendai Mtawarira who plays for the South African national team.[1]

Dairbord Zimbabwe Rugby Festival
Rugby tournament.jpg
Players During a Match
Location Harare
Organised by Dairibord Zimbabwe Private Limited



In 2014 the event kicked of on the 5th of May and ended on the 10th. Running under the theme Growth – From Community Development to a Culture, the event was graced by President of the South African Rugby Union, Oregan Hoskins and Ian McIntosh. The latter was the national selector of the South African national team.[2] Born in Zimbabwe, McIntosh has over 20 years experience of coaching in South Africa.


On the first day, the fixtures were,

  1. Jubilee Field: Oriel Boys High School v Lord Malvern School
  1. Avenues Field: Harare High v Loxley
  1. Chapel Field: Sobukazi v Zengeza 4
  1. Rhodes Field: Mabvuku v Mt Pleasant

Sable Field-U-16 Matches:

2013 Fixtures and Winners

  1. Avenues Field
  1. Chapel Field – Under 16
  1. Rhodes Field – Under 16
  1. Sable Field


The festival began to include girls team as part of its development initiative. The girls teams are made up of young girls from the respective participating schools. They are drawn into their respective pools where they play in a knock-out system. Furthermore, the tournament has also grown to improve rural schools from various parts of the country.

2015 Edition

The 2015 edition will be held at the traditional venue.


In 2013, the festival attracted widespread criticism after it was revealed that students were allegedy involved in sexual behaviour. Some of the teens were caught on camera by the tabloid, H-Metro. They were seen in the bushes and some were going into rooms and vehicles together, only to come later looking tired and looking not-so-innocent.[5] Some boys became drunk even though the organisers had forbade entry of alcohol.


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