Robert Christopher Ndlovu is a religious cleric of the Roman Catholic Church in Zimbabwe. He is one of the Roman Catholic Archbishops in Zimbabwe and he heads the Harare archdiocese.[1]

Robert Chistopher Ndlovu
Archbishop Robert Christopher Ndlovu
Robert Christopher Ndlovu
Church Roman Catholic
Archdiocese Harare
Province Harare
Installed 2004
Personal details
Born December 25, 1955
Nationality Zimbabwean
Denomination Christian
Residence Zimbabwe
Occupation Archbishop


Ndlovu was born on 25 December 1955 in Tshongokwe.[2]


Ndlovu was first ordained as a priest for Hwange on 28 August 1983.[2] On 9 February 1999, he was promoted into the office of Bishop for Hwange. He was then ordained Bishop of Hwange in the same year. In 2004, he was appointed and installed as Bishop of Harare.[2]

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