Shurugwi formerly Selukwe is a Town located in Midlands Province in Zimbabwe. It is 350km away from Harare the capital. Shurugwi was established in 1899 on Selukwe goldfield, which itself was discovered in the early 1890s not long after the annexation of Zimbabwe by the British South Africa Company's Pioneer Column

Population (2009) 17,075



Shurugwi was established in 1899 by the British South Africa Company and Willoughby's Consolidated Company. Its name was derived from a nearby bare oval granite hill that resembled the shape of a pigpen (selukwe) of the local Karanga people.

The town is an important centre for gold, chrome and platinum mining, but is perhaps best known as the home of the former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith who owned a farm near Gwenoro Dam.


Most of the infrastructure in Shurugwi is very old. There is only one hotel in the town centre – the Grand Hotel which now operates as a bar.


There are a number of schools in Shurugwi including Parkinson High, Chrome High, Shurugwi 2, Batanai High School, Charles Wraith Primary, Railway block primary, Selukwe peak primary, Ironside's primary . Most of the schools are found in Shurugwi rural area, such as Pakame Mission, which one of the oldest schools in the country, a Methodist run mission school which is about 40 km by road on the South towards Zvishavane, very close Guruguru Mountain, a volcanic solid rock mountain in Shurugwi Rural Areas, Tongogara High School, a government operated boarding school 40 km to the East and Hanke Adventist High School, an SDA run school 10 km on the North of Tongogara. Next to Hanke there is a school called Svika High named after a nearby Svika mountain which is the rural area of Francis Nhema.All these schools offer up to Advanced Level ("A-Level") education.


It is home to about 17,075 people and the population comprises of both sexes of different nationalities although the majority are local Zimbabweans.

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