Stephen Alimenda is a Zimbabwean footballer who plays for Dynamos Football Club as a midfielder. Stephen Alimenda is a former player of CAPS United Football Club.

Stephen Alimenda
Stephen Alimenda, Dynamos Football Club, CAPS United Football Club, Zimbabwe soccer, Zimbabwean footballer
Image Via The Herald
Born Stephen Alimenda
October 5, 1988
Education Manunure High School
  • Footballer
Employer Dynamos Football Club
Notable work Soccer Star of the year Finalist 2014
Home town Kwekwe



Stephen Alimenda was born on October 6, 1988 in Kwekwe


Dambudzo Primary is where Alimenda did his primary school before moving to Manunure High School for his secondary education.[1]


Alimenda is a very talented midfielder with a lot of experience having featured for some of the top clubs in the country such as Highlanders Football Club, CAPS United Football Club and Dembare.[2] He started his football Career as a teenager with Lancashire Steel Football Club around 2006 under the guidance of Willard Khumalo. He later moved with Willard "Mashinkila" Khumalo to Mwana Africa Football Club where he got a chance to play in the CAF Confederations Cup. His move to Makepekepe was a forgettable experience as he did not have much game time before being dumped around the 2012 soccer season. He spent part of the year inactive before joining Hardbody Football Club. After a conversation with the then Dynamos coach Callisto Pasuwa, Alimenda was signed by the Glamour boys.

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Soccer Star of the year finalist 2014[3]


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