George Owusu is a former Dynamos Football Club who was also part of the history making Dembare side that played in the final of the African Champions league.

George Owusu
Born George Owusu
  • Footballer.


Owusu was born and raised in Ghana.


George Owusu is said to have started his football career with Young Kotoko FC in 1993 before moving to join Fantomas a year later.[1] He had a brief stint with Hearts of Oak but he did not have a very good spell with the side. Owusu also played for Union Sports De Bafan in Cameroon and Hellenic FC in South Africa before moving to Harare to join Dembare. He was a key player of the Dynamos setup scoring four goals in their champions league campign.[1] In the 1998 champions league final that Owusu played, he is said to have missed a couple of golden opportunities, coupled with biased officiating, Dembare lost the game. There were also allegations that Owusu had been paid money to deliberately miss chances costing Dembare the match.

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